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the difference a private instructor will make

Kids that find the love of music should be given the extra attention they need to really excel at playing the instrument or instruments of their choice. Kids can get a great head-start on learning how to play instruments at school, but to really give them the training they need to be truly great, private lessons are important. I have seen the difference that the private lessons can make for a kid while watching my son learn how to play the piano. It took some time for me to find the right instructor, but once we did, his skill levels went through the roof. My site is filled with tips and advice that can help parents find the right music instructor and how to fit these private lessons into your day to day life.

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Want To Learn Piano As An Adult? 4 Keys To Success

Learning the piano as an adult is one of the best ways to boost your brain power and enjoy time spent striving toward something. But learning as an adult carries some specific challenges that children don't face. 

How can you successfully meet this challenge as an older learner? Here are a few key tips.

Get a Teacher

As an adult, many people opt to learn a musical instrument on their own. But having a teacher is just as important for grownups as it is for young ones. You benefit from the added experience of a teacher as well as the weekly schedule and accountability that a weekly lesson brings. A teacher in a real life study session can tailor lessons, goals, and practice work to your specific situation. This prevents adults from misjudging themselves or being overly demanding or judgmental. 

Set Goals Together

As an adult, your goals aren't quite the same as a child learning for different reasonsKids often learn as part of an organized music class, orchestra, or band, As an adult, you probably want to learn at a different pace — either faster or slower — and with different end results. Your goals need to be attainable and reasonable based on your situation, but they should continue to push you a little each time. 

Find Practice Time

Adults have a difficult time finding space and quiet time to practice. You may need to create that time by being creative. If you commute to work, can you use an app to practice finger movements? Can you use music apps to learn how to differentiate pieces, styles, and compositions? If it's challenging to find a complete hour or two to practice, can you find shorter blocks of 15 minutes or so to practice short bursts?

Don't Rush

As you find your own pace of practice time and goals, you may feel rushed to reach those goals or complete exercises. But remember that learning as an adult carries different challenges and different rewards. You can't measure achievement at the same rate or in the same way, so you need to find your own pace. Don't feel like you must achieve the same successes as other learners. And don't measure yourself by anything other than your own progress.

Ready to get started moving forward in learning the piano as a nontraditional student? Start by working with an experienced piano lesson teacher or school, like Beginner Piano Lesson School. While it will take effort and work to get right, the result will be a feeling of accomplishment and an art you can enjoy for the rest of your life.