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the difference a private instructor will make

Kids that find the love of music should be given the extra attention they need to really excel at playing the instrument or instruments of their choice. Kids can get a great head-start on learning how to play instruments at school, but to really give them the training they need to be truly great, private lessons are important. I have seen the difference that the private lessons can make for a kid while watching my son learn how to play the piano. It took some time for me to find the right instructor, but once we did, his skill levels went through the roof. My site is filled with tips and advice that can help parents find the right music instructor and how to fit these private lessons into your day to day life.

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Benefits Of In-Person Chess Lessons Vs. Online Chess Lessons For Your Child

If you are thinking about enrolling your child in chess lessons, you may have thought about choosing online lessons. After all, these can be a good option with flexible scheduling. However, even though online chess lessons do have their benefits, in-person chess lessons can be an even better option for your son or daughter. These are a few reasons why.

Get Your Child Used to Traditional Chess Play

Even though the rules might be the same both online and in-person, there is something different about playing chess with a real chess board and chess pieces as compared to playing on the computer or on a mobile device. Your child may have plenty of experience in playing chess online or on a smartphone or tablet, but he or she may not have very much experience with playing in-person. By choosing in-person chess lessons, you can get your child used to more traditional play. This can be beneficial later, when your child might end up playing against others in-person--either for fun or competition.

Get Your Child Out of the House

Another good thing about in-person chess lessons is the fact that it can get your child out of the house for a little while. Over summer break, this can be a good option, since your child might be spending more time at home than they do during the school year. If your child is homeschooled, you can always be looking for ways to get him or her out of the house to meet others, socialize, and just experience a different environment than the environment at home. In these types of scenarios, in-person chess lessons can be a much better choice than online chess lessons.

Avoid Needing Special Equipment

Depending on the type of online chess lessons you have been thinking about signing your child up for, you may have to purchase additional equipment, such as a headset with a microphone, web camera, and more. If you choose in-person chess lessons, however, you probably will not have to worry about purchasing any special equipment. This might make in-person chess lessons a little more affordable.

As you can see, there are some situations in which in-person chess lessons can be a much better choice for a child or teenager than online chess lessons. Of course, either type of lesson can help your child learn how to play chess and improve his or her skills, but you may want to consider in-person chess lessons first for these reasons and more. Reach out to a local company like CHESS TEACHER to learn more about possible lesson costs and schedules.