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the difference a private instructor will make

Kids that find the love of music should be given the extra attention they need to really excel at playing the instrument or instruments of their choice. Kids can get a great head-start on learning how to play instruments at school, but to really give them the training they need to be truly great, private lessons are important. I have seen the difference that the private lessons can make for a kid while watching my son learn how to play the piano. It took some time for me to find the right instructor, but once we did, his skill levels went through the roof. My site is filled with tips and advice that can help parents find the right music instructor and how to fit these private lessons into your day to day life.

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Don't Make These Mistakes When Your Driving Instructor Picks You Up From School

When you're a teenager working to get your driver's license, you'll often take after-school lessons. In many cases, your driving instructor will actually meet you in the school's parking lot at the end of the day, giving you an opportunity to get behind the wheel for some practice and lessons. Given that you'll be starting your lesson in a school zone, it's important to be on top of your game right away — there are a number of factors on which your instructor will be evaluating you, and making sure to steer clear away from these potential mistakes will show your instructor that you're a capable driver.

Encroaching On School Buses

As you pull out of your school's parking lot, there's a strong probability that the road will be heavy with school buses at this time of the day. There are a few bus-related mistakes that you want to avoid. You should never pass a bus when it's stopped and has its lights flashing. Even if you're eager to get going with your lesson, this dangerous mistake will show your driving instructor that you're not aware of one of the most important rules of the road. Additionally, you should make sure to avoid following school buses too closely, as they stop frequently.

Failing To Regularly Monitor Pedestrian Hazards

Driving through a school zone means that there will be lots of students walking home from school. Don't make the mistake of being too focused on the road — you should also make a habit of moving your eyes consistently to keep tabs on the actions of any pedestrians. You can't count on high school students, or anyone else for that matter, to always look both ways before crossing the road or wait until they reach a designated crosswalk to cross. For this reason, constantly monitoring those around you will show your situational awareness.

Letting Your Speed Creep Up

Many drivers have inadvertently realized that they're speeding in a school zone — this can be easy to do if they're momentarily distracted or don't note the lower speed limit in this area. Don't be in a hurry to zoom out of the school parking lot and get your lesson underway. Typically, the roads around your school will have very low posted speed limits, so you don't want to surpass this number. Not only will you be corrected by your instructor, but there may be police monitoring speeds in the area, and being stopped is the last thing you want.

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