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the difference a private instructor will make

Kids that find the love of music should be given the extra attention they need to really excel at playing the instrument or instruments of their choice. Kids can get a great head-start on learning how to play instruments at school, but to really give them the training they need to be truly great, private lessons are important. I have seen the difference that the private lessons can make for a kid while watching my son learn how to play the piano. It took some time for me to find the right instructor, but once we did, his skill levels went through the roof. My site is filled with tips and advice that can help parents find the right music instructor and how to fit these private lessons into your day to day life.

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Four Creative Fundraising Ideas For Private School Students

Even though you pay for your child to attend private school, there are often several times throughout the school year that private schools will hold fundraising events. If you're a parent of a private school student who has joined the school's fundraising committee, it's important to bring creative, stand-out ideas to the next fundraising meeting. While traditional fundraisers such as raffle draws, bake sales, and yard sales can indeed raise money, they also risk blending in with the fundraisers being run at other educational institutions. Here are four creative fundraising ideas that can prove successful.

Halloween Haunted House

If Halloween is right around the corner, suggest the idea of converting a couple rooms in the school into a haunted house, and then inviting members of the community to pay a small fee to visit. The bulk of the decorations can be assembled at the school at no cost -- a plastic skeleton from the science lab can be used, while students can use the school's audio lab to record spooky noises to play in the room. The school's art classes can work on decor for the rooms to raise the hair on the backs of the visitors' necks, all while raising money for a good cause.

Student/Staff Talent Show

A talent show can be successful because it gives parents and members of the community an entertaining evening for their price of admission. Suggest that any students and staff members with unique talents should come forward and contribute these skills to a talent show. You could have a band made up of students and staff, a student who is an amateur magician, a staff member who can perform a comedy routine and more. People can buy tickets for the event, which will take place in the school's auditorium.

Photography Sale

If the private school has a photography class, students can devote time to snapping images that encapsulate the school. Whether they focus on an artistic shot of the school's campus, an image that depicts school spirit or an action shot at a sporting event, the photos can then be matted and framed professionally -- ideal with these services donated by a local photo center -- and displayed around the auditorium for sale.

Food Night

Students in the school's culinary class can develop a menu for a five-course meal, and then sell tickets to community members, parents and local dignitaries. The school's cafeteria can be converted into a classy dining room and the students can serve the meal. To keep costs low and ensure more profit, see if local grocery stores can donate at least some of the ingredients.

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