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the difference a private instructor will make

Kids that find the love of music should be given the extra attention they need to really excel at playing the instrument or instruments of their choice. Kids can get a great head-start on learning how to play instruments at school, but to really give them the training they need to be truly great, private lessons are important. I have seen the difference that the private lessons can make for a kid while watching my son learn how to play the piano. It took some time for me to find the right instructor, but once we did, his skill levels went through the roof. My site is filled with tips and advice that can help parents find the right music instructor and how to fit these private lessons into your day to day life.

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If You Are Feeling "Stuck" In Your Current Studio, Here Are 3 Tips To Help

Dance is a wonderful sport that can keep you fit, allow you to express yourself, and be enjoyable as well. Many students start at a certain studio, but then as they start to become more serious about dance, they consider going to a new studio for more experience. If you are feeling "stuck" in your current studio, here are a few things to consider.

1. A Big Fish In A Little Pond

Although it is nice to be the center of attention, if you are constantly in the front and center of your dance routines, you might be ready for a new studio. Many students enjoy their classes, but don't feel enough of a challenge.

A good dance class should challenge you. You shouldn't be the best person in the class so that you are never feeling like you are being pushed hard enough. It is better for your growth if you are working hard to keep up, being asked to do things that are hard, and being challenged with every routine. If you don't feel this way in your current studio, it may be time for a switch.

2. Go To More Competitions

Another good way to gauge where you are is to go to local competitions. When you go to a competition, you will be able to compare your skills with other dancers in the area. This is helpful because it will not only tell you how you measure up with dancers outside of your studio, but it will help you to take a look at other teachers and studios.

You might find a place that has great technique, stunning choreography and good teachers while at a competition. You then can consider changing studios, or at least taking classes at another studio to challenge you more.

3. Loyalty is Good, But You Need To Worry About Your Personal Growth

One of the reasons that so many dancers feel stuck is because they are loyal to their studio. It can be hard if you grew up dancing at the same studio from the time you were young. But your teachers want you to excel and need you to get the best instruction possible. First and foremost, you need to focus on your growth as a dancer, and if it means that you need to take classes outside of your beloved studio, so be it. You can still have ties with your studio, but try to branch out a little more.

For more information, contact Absolute Ballroom Company or a similar organization.